Eclipse Mapping and GIS is the sole distributor/dealer for Eos Arrow GNSS receivers in CA, AZ, NV, and HI. Authorized LTI Laser Technology Dealer.

Eos Bridge™


Make any Professional Instrument Bluetooth®-Compatible to iOS

Are you ready to bridge the gap between GNSS, mobile mapping, and third-party professional instruments and sensors? We’ve got good news. As iOS devices gain popularity among professional mobile teams, demand is rising for commercial smartphones and tablets to interface with professional instruments and sensors. The Eos Bridge™ is the world’s first device capable of making this connection. The Eos Bridge™ is a Bluetooth® connector for mobile mapping teams. Simply put, this device connects the already powerful combination of survey-grade accuracy from Arrow Series® GNSS receivers and mobile mapping from GIS apps — with the extreme specificity of measurements from third-party instruments and sensors (e.g., laser rangefinders, utility locators). Keep reading to learn how the Eos Bridge™ can offer even more value into your existing high-quality hardware.

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Warranty Information

Eclipse Mapping and GIS supports all products that it sells. Warranty repairs and service needs are all handled through EMGIS.

All Eos Arrow GNSS receivers come with a 2 Year Hardware Warranty. Please submit a request or contact EMGIS for any repairs or service needs using the form at the bottom of the site.