Eclipse Mapping and GIS is the sole distributor/dealer for Eos Arrow GNSS receivers in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

LTI TruPulse 200X Laser Range Finder



The TruPulse 200X calculates horizontal and vertical distances as well as slope distance and inclination. This precision rangefinder/hypsometer obtains distance measurements up to 6,233 feet (1,900 meters) without a reflector, provides ±2” (±4 cm) accuracy, features a built-in inclinometer, and offers on-board routines (three-point height calculations and two-dimensional Missing Line). A bright red LED display provides outstanding visibility in all lighting conditions, and measurements are shown in feet/inches, yards, or meters/centimeters. TruTargeting automatically provides the best possible accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target.

Choose from four advanced target modes:

  • Closest (distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the closest target)
  • Farthest (allows you to lock on the farthest target and shoot distant features through brush and foliage)
  • Continuous (provides constant updates while locking on multiple targets)
  • Filter mode

The waterproof housing is IP55 rated for impact and dust resistance.